Monday, April 11, 2011

Product Review: Eyes Lips Face

My products came in today! I can't do much of a product review because I'm not a regular makeup user so I don't have much prior knowledge. I can however tell you what I ordered and as I use the products I will update this post and give my basic opinion.

The Beauty Encyclopedia - 12 eye shadow shades, 2 cream eye shadow shades, 1 eye liner and 1 eye shadow brush.

Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eyeshadow Palette – Limited Edition

Elf Studio Matte Lip Color

Elf Essentials Eye Shadow Brush

Elf Essentials Blending Wedges

Elf Essentials Eye Lid Primer

Elf Essentials Power Puffs - Set of 4 - I haven't used these yet but I must say they are MUCH thinner than the one I've been using from MAC. Ohhh I almost forgot to mention that e.l.f. sent a free eyeshadow kit that has two tones of gray and two whites.

Ouch: A Piercing

Kelli finally got her ears pierced on Saturday at Piercing Pagoda. The two ladies there were very nice and friendly. We were going to get these...
Then Kelli's daddy and I decided to go with the green version (for all of our birthstones). It looks so cute in her ears. It's crazy how she looks like a little lady now.

The entire process was a little nerve wrecking for me at first. I just didn't want to my lil mama to cry. I had to rationalize it by reminding myself that she handles her immunization shots pretty well. She gave the lady a little bit of trouble as she tried to show me where she would pierce. Kelis just didn't want to stay still. When she got them pierced, she cried a bit but it only lasted for about a minute. By the time we walked away from the booth (it was in a mall) she had stopped crying and didn't even need her pacifier.

Ohh there was a lovely couple who had a cute preemie baby. We talked, laughed and told little stories to each other while we waited. I can't remember the baby girl's name but Hi guys!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Product Review: Spanx

Simplicity Open-Bust Camisole
I purchased it in black and a size small. They recommend stepping into it as opposed to putting it on like a shirt. When I first put my foot into it I immediately thought OHHHH NOOOOO I got the wrong size. It looked extremely small but I forced myself into it anyway. Doing the a similar version of the "pee pee dance", I wiggled into it and was SUPER DUPER pleased. It held me in just the way I expected. I was very realistic with my expectations and I think it exceeded it. Granted my baby belly isn't the biggest but it is noticeable under clingy fabric and tight clothing. I tried on a shirt that I had stopped wearing because of the baby belly and it looks great. I'm still not home so I can't show a before and after photo.

In-Power Line Super Footless Shaper
I purchased this one in a size A in black even though according to their size chart I was a B. I made the decision after reading some reviews that stated they wished they purchased a size smaller. At first it looked a bit too small. Unlike the cami I was able to get into this one easily. I was worried about having a uni-butt. That's when it looks as if you only have one wide butt cheek. Once I put on my jeans with it, my booty looked pretty normal. Although I am pleased with these footless panty hose I noticed some things about it that I thought I should mention.

1. If you have a fairly large belly then it will simply push your gut upward. You'll essentially lose the muffin top but the bulge is just relocated higher.

2.I only kept it on for a few minutes but I think the top of the tights has great potential to roll down. I'm not positive yet but I caught myself trying to pull it higher.

With that said I will probably purchase another pair of footless panty hose but I would get the one that stops under the breast. That way all the lumps and bumps will be totally smooth.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

OOTD: Delayed and Mini Haul

I was supposed to be posting a photo of Kelis' OOTD (outfit of the day). I took the photos of her as promised but I didn't have time to post them because after the party we went straight to her dads house. Once I return to my house I'll be sure to post them (maybe in a week or so).

So yesterday I browsed the Spanx website for some goodies. This was my very first Spanx purchase. I got footless tights and a open bust camisole. I'll be doing some product reviews as soon as I get to wear them.

I also did a mini haul on makeup. I went to Eyes Lips Face and had a blast. I have always been one of those women who has been afraid of makeup. Now that I'm a stay at home mom, I don't have much reason to leave the house. When that rear occasion occurs I want to make it special. Even if it's something as simple as going to Target to pick up clothes for Kelis. I want to go outside in style!

Stay tuned.....

Friday, April 1, 2011

MMMM: Headband

I've been on sort of a creative slump lately but I had an idea today. I'm going to find items that I like or inspire me and remix them for babies/children. Today I decided the first place I would go is to Anthropologie. I decided that no matter what, I was going to find something there to remix. Surprisingly, within no time at all, I found this headband...I like the bead work, but of course that wouldn't work for babies because of the choking hazard. I thought the Swarovski crystals was a great touch and decided to keep that in mind. Kelis isn't old enough for an actual headband so I had to switch that up as well. Here's my remix...I used felt and instead of beads I hand stitched spirals. I wanted a rugged look so I didn't try to make the stitches perfect. I added a rhinestone to the center of each circle to give it a bit of sparkle like the original. I also replaced the headband with thin black elastic.
Tomorrow we're going to a birthday party! Guess what headband she's going to wear! She has a cute pink jumper dress and a nice black turtle neck with pink boots! She's going to look CUTE! I'll be sure to take pictures so you all can see her OOTD (outfit of the day).

Product Review: Cosco Beep Beep Walker

About a week ago I posted a photo of Kelli in her walker. Three days ago she finally made some movement, however she went backwards. I hear that most babies do that tho. Now that she's using her walker more, I've noticed some things that I'm not happy with...

Wheels - The front wheels can swivel but the rear can not. Unless you live in a big house with lots of room this isn't a practical feature.

Toys - There's a toy on there that I guess is supposed to be a tree or something, I'm not quite sure. Anyway, this "tree" is tall and hard. My poor kelis put her head down and hit it pretty hard on this unnecessary feature. It could have been made as a flat softer piece. Here's a close up of what I mean...
See that green blob "tree" behind the car. Ouch! It looks a bit shorter in this picture because of the angle I was at.

I'm not in love with the horn on the steering wheel. It takes a lot of effort to push in order the hear the noise.

Height Adjustment- I mentioned this one in the first post. I wish it was able to adjust lower.
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