Thursday, April 7, 2011

Product Review: Spanx

Simplicity Open-Bust Camisole
I purchased it in black and a size small. They recommend stepping into it as opposed to putting it on like a shirt. When I first put my foot into it I immediately thought OHHHH NOOOOO I got the wrong size. It looked extremely small but I forced myself into it anyway. Doing the a similar version of the "pee pee dance", I wiggled into it and was SUPER DUPER pleased. It held me in just the way I expected. I was very realistic with my expectations and I think it exceeded it. Granted my baby belly isn't the biggest but it is noticeable under clingy fabric and tight clothing. I tried on a shirt that I had stopped wearing because of the baby belly and it looks great. I'm still not home so I can't show a before and after photo.

In-Power Line Super Footless Shaper
I purchased this one in a size A in black even though according to their size chart I was a B. I made the decision after reading some reviews that stated they wished they purchased a size smaller. At first it looked a bit too small. Unlike the cami I was able to get into this one easily. I was worried about having a uni-butt. That's when it looks as if you only have one wide butt cheek. Once I put on my jeans with it, my booty looked pretty normal. Although I am pleased with these footless panty hose I noticed some things about it that I thought I should mention.

1. If you have a fairly large belly then it will simply push your gut upward. You'll essentially lose the muffin top but the bulge is just relocated higher.

2.I only kept it on for a few minutes but I think the top of the tights has great potential to roll down. I'm not positive yet but I caught myself trying to pull it higher.

With that said I will probably purchase another pair of footless panty hose but I would get the one that stops under the breast. That way all the lumps and bumps will be totally smooth.

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