Monday, April 11, 2011

Ouch: A Piercing

Kelli finally got her ears pierced on Saturday at Piercing Pagoda. The two ladies there were very nice and friendly. We were going to get these...
Then Kelli's daddy and I decided to go with the green version (for all of our birthstones). It looks so cute in her ears. It's crazy how she looks like a little lady now.

The entire process was a little nerve wrecking for me at first. I just didn't want to my lil mama to cry. I had to rationalize it by reminding myself that she handles her immunization shots pretty well. She gave the lady a little bit of trouble as she tried to show me where she would pierce. Kelis just didn't want to stay still. When she got them pierced, she cried a bit but it only lasted for about a minute. By the time we walked away from the booth (it was in a mall) she had stopped crying and didn't even need her pacifier.

Ohh there was a lovely couple who had a cute preemie baby. We talked, laughed and told little stories to each other while we waited. I can't remember the baby girl's name but Hi guys!!

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