Thursday, May 5, 2011

MMMM: Collage

I try to take pictures of Kelis with my slr camera a few times a month. In the back of my mind I knew that when she turned 1 that I wanted to make some kind of collage showcasing her growth. With Father's Day approaching I wanted to speed it up. Here's what I've been working on....
I'm showing you all because I know her dad won't be looking around on this blog.

It isn't done by any means, but I wanted to share just in case someone is looking for something to make for Father's Day. I'm making it using Photoshop. It's 8x10.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kelli: She likes

This morning when Kelis and I woke up, I took her in the bathroom to wash her face and she instantly went to look for the toilet. It made me giggle because she just loves to see the toilet flush. I decided then that I would make a list of 8 things (because she's 8 months) that makes Kelis happy.

1. Momma
2. Her reflection (Boy oh boy does she get excited about her reflection)
3. Daddy
4. Her pacifier
5. A Blackberry (cell phone)
6. Tissues (she likes to rip them into pieces and chew it like bubble gum)
7. Food
8. Comb (It's the only thing that will keep her occupied while I'm braiding her hair)

I really had to debate about number 8. Cords came in really close. She likes pull and eat any cord she sees: the computer cord, cell phone chargers, headphones.....whatever

Monday, May 2, 2011

Product Review: Elmo Tiny Steps 2-in-1 Walker

Kelis has just about two of everything. This time it's a walker. I already did a product review for her first walker. Here goes for her second....

The price was $39.99. I guess that's not too bad. I was not happy about the color scheme.
The main colors are blue, orange and green which made it more suited for a boy (in my opinion). I'm not sure if they have more colors available somewhere but I didn't see any alternatives. Because of this, I have to assume that these colors are supposed to be unisex. I think it would have been better with yellows, grays and whites.

Adjusting it to her height was a bit awkward at first but it kinda worked in the end. The most frustrating thing about this one was folding it. Today was her first day using it and I haven't been able to get it folded properly. I just put it in the corner for Kelli's dad to close it. The buttons that I think are supposed to be pressed are located in a weird place.

The front wheels swivel but the rear wheels do not. It makes it harder for her to maneuver around. It'll be perfect for a baby in a big house with lots of room to roam.

I like that it can grow with the baby. It turns into something that can be pushed.
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