Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kelli: She likes

This morning when Kelis and I woke up, I took her in the bathroom to wash her face and she instantly went to look for the toilet. It made me giggle because she just loves to see the toilet flush. I decided then that I would make a list of 8 things (because she's 8 months) that makes Kelis happy.

1. Momma
2. Her reflection (Boy oh boy does she get excited about her reflection)
3. Daddy
4. Her pacifier
5. A Blackberry (cell phone)
6. Tissues (she likes to rip them into pieces and chew it like bubble gum)
7. Food
8. Comb (It's the only thing that will keep her occupied while I'm braiding her hair)

I really had to debate about number 8. Cords came in really close. She likes pull and eat any cord she sees: the computer cord, cell phone chargers, headphones.....whatever

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