Friday, April 1, 2011

Product Review: Cosco Beep Beep Walker

About a week ago I posted a photo of Kelli in her walker. Three days ago she finally made some movement, however she went backwards. I hear that most babies do that tho. Now that she's using her walker more, I've noticed some things that I'm not happy with...

Wheels - The front wheels can swivel but the rear can not. Unless you live in a big house with lots of room this isn't a practical feature.

Toys - There's a toy on there that I guess is supposed to be a tree or something, I'm not quite sure. Anyway, this "tree" is tall and hard. My poor kelis put her head down and hit it pretty hard on this unnecessary feature. It could have been made as a flat softer piece. Here's a close up of what I mean...
See that green blob "tree" behind the car. Ouch! It looks a bit shorter in this picture because of the angle I was at.

I'm not in love with the horn on the steering wheel. It takes a lot of effort to push in order the hear the noise.

Height Adjustment- I mentioned this one in the first post. I wish it was able to adjust lower.

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