Wednesday, March 30, 2011

MMMM: Pants

MMMM = My Momma Made Me

Kelis has been growing out of her pants really quickly. I want to be able to just whip her up one using some scrap fabric rather than running out and purchasing one. I've made about two prior to this one but they were pretty much duds. I'm proud to say this is not a dud and she can actually wear this one outside.

It's made using a linen fabric I purchased before she was born to make pillows. I made one pillow and decided I didn't like the fabric. It was pretty inexpensive when I purchased it so I think I have about 2 or 3 yards. I usually only buy 1 or 2 yards of any fabric because I never have a plan for them. I am an impulsive fabric shopper.

I made the pattern using a pair of pants that fits her pretty well.
So here they are...I'm actually pretty impressed with the cuffs. They were kind of an afterthought. I just measured the width of the bottom of the leg and measured how high I wanted it and started sewing. I'll go into more detail with the next pants I make. I'll give you all a step by step process.

Here's a short lil clip of Kelli enjoy her new pants!

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