Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kelli: First Birthday Ideas

With Kelis' first birthday quickly approaching I've been thinking of something I can do for her birthday. I decided I won't throw her a birthday party considering she'll probably just sleep right through it. I would like to take her to sesame place and invite one or two other families. I'm not sure yet but I do know that I want to take nice photos of her. Rather than having her wear a birthday hat, I was thinking about making mini top hats. I did a quick Google search and found some absolutely fantastic hats for sale. Before I purchased any I wanted to see if I could make them myself (I would make everything myself if I could).

I whipped this silly hat up in about 5 minutes, literally. I used some scrap fabric, paper, Elmers glue and a random headband that I bought for Kelis months ago. I did not try to be neat at all. I just wanted to see if it was something that I should go out and purchase supplies to make or if I should simply purchase ready made ones.

It definitely wasn't hard to make but I'm still not convinced that I want to purchase all of the supplies for the style of hat that I have in mind.

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